Making a healthy personal care lifestyle achievable through education and empowerment,

    while contributing to a greater global shift toward safer, smarter products.


  • Hi, I'm Adria!


    I would love to tell you a little about myself and why I started Beauty On A Mission. I love helping others, and have always been interested in health and wellness, which is why I pursued an education in Physical Therapy and became a physical therapist assistant. One of the things I loved about my work was the strong relationships I built with my patients while educating them on how to lead healthier lives. Unfortunately at the time, I wasn’t aware that I had a huge blind spot when it came to health and wellness.


    Through a friend, I learned about the severely under-regulated beauty and personal care industry, and how our health is suffering because of everyday products we buy and use. Big corporations use chemicals in their products that are known to be harmful, and the FDA has no authority to regulate them. I thought the products that were on the shelves were safe. I couldn’t have been more wrong! The truth is, big corporations don’t have our best interests at heart, yet we continue to pay a premium for products that can cause harm and compromise our health.

    I want to break this cycle. My oversight in this area of health and wellness ignited a passion in me to educate others about harmful ingredients and their effects. I decided to link arms with Beautycounter, a company with the noble mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone, while also educating and advocating for legislative change. When we are better informed, we can make better decisions for ourselves and the ones we love.


    Our skin is our largest organ. It’s our first line of defense against environmental stressors and toxic substances. Our health is our biggest investment, and I want to empower you to take a stand against the norm. That’s why I have expanded my services to include my “Swap Sister” program. With this affordable, custom service, I evaluate the products you are currently using (beauty, personal care and household), and identify safer alternatives. I want to help you understand what to look for in the products you buy so you can take control over your own health and the health of your family. Long-term, I want to help make safe products the norm. We do have the ability to affect change with our voices, and our wallets, too!


    I have two young daughters now, and I am more passionate than ever about Beauty on a Mission! I look forward to getting to know you better and helping guide you to safer, smarter choices.



    Products & Services

    Swap Meet - $99

    Just call me your Swap Sister!

    I know hunting for safer, cleaner products can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Let me do the heavy lifting for you! With my personalized Swap Meet service, I'll evaluate your current products' ingredient safety, and suggest specific alternatives that are safe for you and your family. Use the Contact options below (email, Facebook or Instagram) to set up your swap!


    Includes :

    • 30-minute consultation (in-person or virtual)

    • Research and evaluation of 6 products, plus alternative product suggestions, based on your budget and must-haves

    • Printable checklist with the top ingredients to avoid

    • Printable tips on how to identify Greenwashing (false marketing ploys that imply product safety and sustainability)



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